Sensor-Driven AI For Safety and Efficiency

The Fort Carson Traffic and Weather Prediction Platform will analyze traffic and weather data in real time to optimize responses to inclement weather and traffic incidents at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

This project is an effort under the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) contract with US Ignite to advance the Installations of the Future Program initiatives under the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations, Energy and Environment). In August 2021 US Ignite landed the contract after successfully managing the Fort Carson Smart Transportation Testbed Program

As part of this project, US Ignite will research, explore, and develop several solutions and tools that help Fort Carson leaders make decisions in response to inclement weather and traffic disruptions and optimize staffing allocation in real time.

Use Cases

Inclement Weather Decision Support – The Fort Carson leadership must determine if the base closes or stays open when facing inclement weather. However, to make that call, they must understand the safety implications of that decision for service members commuting between the base and surrounding communities. Currently, the leadership relies on a mix of weather forecasts and ad-hoc community coordination to decide. To improve this process, US Ignite is building a dashboard accessible to all stakeholders – commuters, the weather team, public affairs, decision-makers. This tool uses predictive modeling to provide a data-driven understanding of the weather’s impact on transportation safety.

Dynamic Access Control Point Management – Unforeseen local road closures or re-routing can temporarily shift the demand among the gates at Fort Carson. To help deliver optimal lane staffing assignments, US Ignite is deploying wirelessly enabled lidar and computer vision capabilities to capture real-time information on vehicle queues and wait times at select access control points (ACPs). This information will be fed into the Dynamic ACP Management System, a flow optimization engine, to provide the Division of Emergency Services (DES) automatic recommendations on shifting staffing resources to the lanes in highest need while ensuring all ACPs remain sufficiently covered.


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